If you have lost your mobile phone and are looking at to help you get it back, you have reached the right place.

Just like you I too received one of the forwards that outlines how to retrieve a lost/stolen mobile phone with the help of And of course I did save that mail and keep it for future reference. Here’s a look at the mail I had received telling me about the helpful link:

I lost my mobile phone recently in metro train at Delhi. Initially I was very distraught and didn’t know what to do, I tried calling my cell by it was switched off. I was wondering about the virtues of lodging in a police complaint, as I was reluctant to visit a police station. After mulling over my options for a while I remembered the email, and requested my freind to access it for me. After retrieving the mail I immediately dashed off an email to providing all the details. I was confident that my phone will be retrieved and my problems solved.

When nothing happened for a couple of days, I grew more anxious and sent another email to After few more days I was discussing my lost phone with my friend when he informed me that has been non-functional for a while. And my email for help never reached anywhere. I was astonished, just as you and couldn’t believe my ears. My friend proceeded to verify his claim by showing me the result of a free email verifying website. Here’s a screenshot for you to view yourself.

Once faced with this I realised I should have had contacted the police itself, instead of relying on forwarded messages for help. My laziness in doing so cost me my phone. So for those of you who have lost your phone contact your nearest police station immediately.

What’s the story behind Is it a fake email address??

Such questions plagued me, and so I got down to investigating this email. What I found is some interesting information that I would like to share with all of you. is an official Id of Chennai police. At a certain point in time this Email ID was good and functional, and it was indeed helpful to those who had lost their mobile phone. This Email ID received recognition as it was mentioned in a news story run by ‘The Hindu’ newspaper detailing how Chennai police is seeking to help out its citizens. Here’s a link of one of the stories that mentioed this email ID: (Take nte that this article was printed in 2006)

Slowly this email ID caught people’s attention and it became a part of the forwarded mails that are sent out by one and all. The important fact that this email ID belong to Chennai police, who have jurisdiction within chennai only, was lost in transit. And hence this email Id was circulated across the country and those who received it believed that this email ID would work for one and all.

However the major problem that occurred here was that over a period of time this email ID became non-functional, due to technical reasons. But the forwarded email continued to circulate and is still in circulation. As people were and are unaware about the non-functional nature of this email ID. Since 2006 till today this email ID has been stuck in public forum’s. However this email ID is of no help anymore.

In case you have lost your mobile phone, contact your local police station ASAP.

In case you know any friend/relative or acquaintance who has lost their mobile phone, make sure you inform them too of the non-functional nature of and guide them to file a police complaint ASAP.

Spread the word to your family and friends

Since you are here I assume you have either received or forwarded the email outlining how to get back your stolen/lost phone using email id. Here’s a chance to help out your family/friends by sending them an email explaining how the email ID is of no help anymore and guiding them in the right direction.

Enter your email ID underneath and we will send you an email outlining the non-functioning nature of You can forward this email to your family and friends and share this useful information with them.

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