How To Find A Lost Mobile Phone


Our phone is the most important thing to us. It is like our life line. So loosing it is like a setback to anybody as our daily work so much depends on it.  All of a sudden you are not reachable to anyone and you feel like the world around you is spinning. And now you are so worried you don’t understand what to do.
So take a deep breath and relax yourself so that you can think what exactly is to be done.

Please do following things as soon as you find out your phone is stolen or lost:

  1.  Go to the nearest police station and file your phone missing report. This is most important thing to do. Maybe police can track down your phone more quickly. Please don’t forget to take a copy of FIR from the police station.
  2. Go to the telecom operator and by showing the FIR copy you have to request them to block the SIM to prevent the misuse of your phone.
  3. People have tendency to save their password in the phone. So immediately change all the required passwords like Bank account related password etc.
  4. Please do inform about your missing phone at your home and work.

 Ways to track your phone yourself:

  1. With help of IMEI number: You can track your phone with help of your IMEI number even if your phone is switched off. Take the FIR copy to the telecom operator and this would help to trace the exact location of your mobile and you can recover your phone.
  2.  With help of GPS: You can trace the location of your phone with help of GPS this will help to recover our phone very quickly.
  3. If your phone is Android phone:  An android phone can be tracked done with help Android Device Manager. The exact location of the phone can be traced down on the Google map with this service and even you can lock down the phone and delete all data on your phone.
  4. If your phone is a iPhone: An iPhone can be tracked down with help of Find My iPhone. With help of this service the position of the phone can be tracked down and the entire data can be deleted from the phone. This can be done by using the iCloud website service. You can even lock the device with help of this.
  5. If your phone is a Windows phone: You can trace your windows phone with help of windows website. You need to just log into with your Microsoft account and now you can trace your phone. You can even wipe the entire data on the phone to prevent any sort of misuse.
  6. Tracking your device with help of pre-installed Apps: There are many Apps available in the market which helps in tracking a lost or stolen mobile. So if you would have downloaded any such App than it is going to be helpful in tracking your phone location. You can even wipe the entire data and even lock your handset with help of these pre-installed Apps.
  7. If your phone is not a smart phone: In case your phone is not a smart phone you need to take few other steps to find it yourself.
  8. Try calling your phone: Maybe you would have left it somewhere, so just try calling on the phone you might hear the ring of the phone if it is nearby.
  9. Sending text on the phone: You can even send text on your phone. Someone might read and respond to it.
  10. Try and recall: You can even try recalling the places you visited and go back and search at those places again. You may find your phone there.

An advice:
You have lost your phone and did not to find it than do try to learn from your mistake. Do try to take care of your phone. Do install the apps available in market on your phone which helps tracking down phone easily. Please don’t carry the phone in your hand, instead put in your pocket or handbag. Do not keep your phone at a table or any other place whenever you are out. Do put the phone safely when you are travelling.