Track lost mobile through IMEI


When a phone is manufactured it is given a unique identity which is similar like your car serial number or your finger print. This identity is the IMEI number. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity.

It is a15 digit number given to every handset when it is manufactured. IMEI number is compulsorily given to all GSM mobile handset when they are made. This number is unique and is your handsets identity which is internationally recognised.

Where to look for your handset IMEI number:
You can find your IMEI number at back of your phone under the battery or it can be seen on the box of your phone. You can even find out your handset IMEI number by typing *#06# from your mobile. Write down this number at some place safe as this is going to be very useful in case your phone is stolen or lost.When nothing happened for a couple of days, I grew more anxious and sent another email to After few more days I was discussing my lost phone with my friend when he informed me that has been non-functional for a while. And my email for help never reached anywhere. I was astonished, just as you and couldn’t believe my ears. My friend proceeded to verify his claim by showing me the result of a free email verifying website. Here’s a screenshot for you to view yourself.

Important use of IMEI number:
This number is used to search for your handset if it is lost or stolen by anybody. The handset location can be traced with help of IMEI number. Your phone can even be blocked by using this IMEI number. But remember your phone can be traced with IMEI number only by police.
 You can even find out information like phone brand, model number and various other device details with help of your IMEI number.

Ways of tracking your phone with IMEI number:
There are three ways you can track down your handset location with help of your IMEI number.

  1. Tracking IMEI number with help of telecom operator: This can only be done with help of police. When your phone is lost or stolen you need to file a police report. On police instruction telecom operator can trace its location with IMEI number. When the phone is switched on, it transmits its IMEI number which can be cross checked with networks EIR (Equipment Identity Register). The operator can block your phone by putting your IMEI number on the blacklist. Even the telecom operator if instructed by police can track the exact location of the phone by tracing IMEI number with Global Positioning Network (GPS).
  2. With help of pre installed IMEI tracker: If you install IMEI tracker software on your phone, then your lost or stolen phone position can be tracked with its help. But this software can be deactivated if your phone is formatted.

Tracking IMEI number with a database: There is a database called “Lost, stolen and found mobile” which can help you to search your lost or stolen phone. All you have to do is enter your IMEI number with some other information like model of the phone etc on this database. May be your phone can be tacked down here if somebody reports about your phone been found on this database.


  • Try and keep your phone safe
  • Always remember to write down your IMEI number at someplace safe when you purchase a new phone
  • In case you are buying a second hand phone do cross check its IMEI number on the database of “Lost, stolen and found mobile”.
  • Do install an IMEI tracker or any other phone tracker in your mobile. This would help you to track your lost or stolen phone more quickly.
  • Please do report the police as soon as possible, so that an immediate action can be taken
  • Try to block your phone as quickly as possible.